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Butterfly valve
  • a living room(1
  • bedroom(1
  • kitchen(2
  • Cloakroom(1
  • Living room decoration(0
Control valve series
  • Jane Europe(1
  • Northern Europe(1
  • America and Europe(1
  • Hydraulic water level control valve(1
  • Multi function water pump control valve(1
  • Adjustable pressure reducing and stabilizing valve(1
Exhaust valve system
  • Composite exhaust valve(3
  • Single port exhaust valve(2
Expansion joint series
  • Flexible elastomeric joint(1
  • Telescopic sleeve(1
  • Single flange limit expansion joint(1
  • Double flange limit expansion joint(1
  • Single flange power transmission joint(1
  • Double flange power transmission joint(1
  • Corrugated compensator(1
Gate Valve
  • Soft seal densified magnetic gate valve(1
  • Soft seal gate valve(5
  • Hard sealing non rising stem gate valve(1
闸门系列 Gate series
  • Plug gate(1
  • Hoist(1
  • Square gate(1
  • Round gate(1
  • Steel gate(2
  • Flap gate(1
Check valve series
  • Butterfly Check Valve(2
  • Wafer check valve(1
  • Silent check valve(1
  • Rubber disc check valve(1

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